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Nancy Dee's

Lil' Bits Mini Donuts

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We've served donuts for:

  • Dallas Cowboy Stadium
  • Raegan's wedding-Adolphus Hotel
  • Erin's wedding-Stoneleigh Hotel
  • Laffitte wedding-Reunion Station
  • Jones wedding-Glen Eagles Country Club
  • Solar Power International Convention-Dallas Convention Center
  • The Crystal Charity Ball 2011,12,14 and 15, 16, 17, 18
  • Todd Events 10th Anniversary Party
  • Harrison New Year's Eve 2016
  • Lakewood Country Club New Year's Eve 2016
  • The Jewel Ball of Fort Worth
  • Niña's wedding reception
  • Bat Mitzvah-FIG Dallas
  • Jones' birthdays and anniversary Texas Stadium
  • NACE Gala
  • SWP Gala
  • Sky Ranch Fundraiser
  • Southwest Airlines

We are looking forward to making donuts for:

Abby's wedding

Hersh Birthday

Sewell Cadillac Breakfast Party


D staffers rolled out of bed earlier than normal this morning (especially for a Friday) to be on hand when Nancy Dee of Lil’ Bits Mini-Donuts showed up to fry up a few dozen of her signature mini treats right here in our own kitchen on the 21st floor. Making do with our counter space, Nancy threw down dough for a good half hour, cooking up so many of these remarkably light Os (her actual machine can produce 1,200 an hour) that we finally had to cry “uncle” if we were to get anything at all done today. Sure, the upstairs smelled a little like the Fair, but it was worth it to witness the love. Check her out at

This photo was taken by Park Cities People for the


they published this winter.

Ross, Hunter and Chris at Rangers Ballpark

for Opening Day 2011!

These are three happy boys!

Call us at:

(214) 521-6260